Hirokazu Kore-eda

Hirokazu Kore-eda

  • Japanese director, born in 1962 in Tokyo.

    After graduating from Waseda University, Kore-Eda joined TV Man Union where he directed several prize-winning documentary programs. Most of his feature fiction films to come would keep with the realistic touch, almost documentary approach. In 1995, his directorial debut Maborosi won the Golden Osella prize at the 52nd Venice International Film Festival. Many of his films were selected at the Cannes Film Festival including Nobody Knows in 2004 (for which the young actor won the Best Actor Award), Air Doll in 2009, Like father, like son (Jury Prize 2013), Our little sister in 2015 and After the storm in 2016. He won the Best Director Award at the Asian Film Awards for Still Walking in 2008. 

  • Maborosi (1995) – Without Memory (1996) – After Life (1998) – Distance (2001) – Nobody Knows (2004) – Hana (2006) – Still Walking (2008) – Air Doll (2009) – I wish (2011) – Like father, like son (2013) – Our little sister (2015) – After the storm (2016) – The Third Murder (2018) – Shoplifters (2018) – The Truth (2019)

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